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August 22, 2008
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A Rant on Uchiha Sasuke

Warning: Spoilers. (for people who are not updated on the Naruto manga)

And if you like (or love) Sasuke too much, that you hate his haters, I suggest you leave now.

This won't be pretty.

Well, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be hated by Sasuke fangirls for this (and I’m used to it), but I have to voice out my thoughts or I won’t be able to rest in peace. Though honestly – I’m only guessing this won’t be my last. (laugh) Actually, I don’t know where to start. Please expect a long piece of art.

Before anything else, I would like to thank a friend who I call my “rant buddy” for continuously ranting with me. You know who you are.

Added to that, I do not enjoy waking up in the morning to know later on that day someone is trying to pick a fight with me just because I have my hates. Yes, I’m talking about Sasuke’s fans, more or less, his fangirls. See, I would respect someone’s opinion on Sasuke if they are a fan (and I have done so before so don’t get me wrong), but if you don’t respect my opinion – the result is clear. I will not respect you.

But at times, I can’t help wonder why people still root for this Uchiha. There are many reasons for someone to hate him, and for someone like me, I can’t find any reason for me to like him. Sure, he’s been brought up the wrong way, guided by some wrong influence, but could he be any more blinded?

Alright, let’s go back to the beginning of it all. Sasuke – we know his clan was killed by his very own brother. We can understand that anyone would be very much traumatized if this happened to one’s self. That doesn’t mean that we would avoid treasuring newly made friends, does it? If it were me, I would work hard to protect my friends if I had some evil brother. Wouldn’t that have been more sensible?

But no, Sasuke couldn’t see it. No matter how many times people teach him something, he is blinded by the idea of revenge. Revenge may be sweet – but what would he do after that?

He’s hurt the friends that have been trying to help him in life. Unfortunately, he prevented anyone from helping him. “No man is an island.” No one is alone in this world. He didn’t see that. He thought he could help himself. He thought he was alright on his own.

”What would you do if I took the most precious people away from you?” – Sasuke
“… I don’t have anyone left.” (smile) – Kakashi

I may be wrong, but the idea is the same. Kakashi is emotionally stable. When this scene played before me, I was hoping Sasuke got the message. I shouldn’t have hoped.

What’s worse is that, not only did he ignore them, he hurt his friends. I wouldn’t do such a thing even if I had a choice. He had a choice. Sasuke could have ignored Orochimaru who bribed him. Sasuke was hungry for power to be able to kill Itachi, unable to see his friends tried to stop him, to help him. Blinded with the idea of power, he betrayed not only his friends, but even his village. Did it not occur to him that he was somehow following his brother’s steps at that time? That’s the irony of it all.

One thing that really gets me to hate him is that, Sasuke has only been winning most of his recent fights out of luck. How could he possibly escape Deidara’s explosive jutsu? Deidara is – was, actually – an S-classed missing nin. He had more experience than Sasuke did, and sure, he was reckless – but it was still pretty a checkmate for the Uchiha’s side. It’s senseless. I may just be angered because I love Naruto, I love Deidara, I love Itachi – but think about it. Who should have more chances of dying, one with less experience or someone with more?

Don’t get me wrong, Kishimoto-san, I enjoy reading Naruto. And I know that Sasuke is needed in the story. What I don’t understand is – how someone like Deidara could die just like that. It doesn’t follow the idea of fighting in a battle. Actually – it’s supposed to be a main character’s ability to escape the villains. Sasuke may be a main character, just not the main character which the story revolves around.

For crying out loud, it’s called Naruto, isn’t it?

Another thing I do not like about Sasuke is his way of life. I may have said it a million times before, but let me say it in an official rant. His way of life is utterly senseless. First of, revenge. Second of all, he can’t just return to Naruto and say, “Oh hey, I’m sorry I almost killed you. Are we still friends?”

You know, I didn’t pity him at all when he shed tears in chapter 402. Yes, this chapter is very familiar to a good number of you, isn’t it? You may stop reading if you do not wish to spoil yourself if you do not know this chapter and want to wait until you reach it.

Sasuke killed Itachi. Successfully. No, actually, Itachi ran out of energy. He didn’t plan to kill Sasuke. He wanted to save him, take everything he’s done back. He wanted Sasuke to look like the hero. He loved his younger brother.

After Sasuke was told why Itachi killed the clan, which is because they were planning a coup d’état and because he loved the village, he was told that Itachi couldn’t dare himself to kill his brother, the brother he loved more than the village. He was told that Itachi did it for Konoha. Itachi smiled before his death, because he had so many plans for Sasuke, to look like a hero, to be the hero. And what does Sasuke say after he cried for him?

He wanted to crush Konoha.

After all Itachi’s done! I couldn’t believe what I just read. After all the things Itachi went through in his life, Sasuke was just going to destroy it all. Itachi experienced war when he was only a 4-year-old. He had to kill his family for the village’s sake. They hid that fact so the village saw him as the bad guy which is rather sad and hurtful for someone who did nothing but do good even if it seemed horrible and cruel. Didn’t Sasuke see the burden placed on Itachi’s shoulders?

Didn’t he see where he was going? Did he not think about the fact that Itachi loved Konoha and did everything for it? And now – he was just going to destroy the village his brother loved?

The sad part is that there is still this question, the same question I asked before: What will he do after?

He may as well look for a girl (to use and throw away later on) and revive the clan. Note this: He never seemed to have wanted love. All he wanted out of life was revenge, and amen I say to you, he fails at life.

Why again? I have another reason. Think about it. After “crushing” Konoha, yes, he may as well start the clan. But! Wouldn’t he give it a bad name?

See here, everyone already knew of Madara (the real identity of Tobi) and how he fought against the first Hokage. People suspected him to have controlled the Kyuubi (the Nine-tailed Demon Fox for those who don’t even know) like he has before to destroy Konoha himself. There was the coup d’état that was planned out by the Uchihas. And then there is Itachi, known for killing the clan and joining the Akatsuki as a sign of betrayal (although he didn’t betray them even). And now Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha itself.

He is not going to be the hero Itachi wanted him to be. He will bring disgrace to his clan’s name. There is no point in reviving it if all it will do is suffer. This is why I think Sasuke does not have any brains no matter how knowledgeable he is in the arts of the ninja.

He has no wisdom.

I think I’ll have to end it here and now. I wouldn’t want to bore you. Plus, I’m guessing that if you are a fangirl, you are hating me with all your heart right now.

Go ahead and oppose me, fangirls. The only result that will come out of it is another essay from yours truly.

Farewell, dear reader. Know this: I will return.
I have returned with a piece of art. Go ahead and hate me. I will come back with another rant either way.

I may have not made any sense and it became a rant (but wasn't that the point?) instead of a logical essay.

Oh, added to that, I might create another one. See, I didn't focus on fangirls here, but I strongly wish to rant about them and "classify" them in my own way. And... well... This was rushed. I wanted to get it over with before I lost inspiration.

Why did I do this? I woke up one morning, went to my laptop and the first thing I got to do was read a message from a Sasuke fangirl going on about how she likes him and how she hates Itachi.

Another reason is that some people get mad at me for the art I draw without even reading why I drew it. It pisses me off.

People don't have respect for each other these days. The world is cruel.

EDIT: The current me wants to fix this and say more, due to the chapters that follow after. But, no. I'm too lazy to. I've proven things here, though. Let's leave it as it is.
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ilovepolar Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
Thank you so much for making this. I used to love sasuke before i saw how much of a blinded idiot he was. I dont see why fangirls like him ( no hate) 
moonprincess4 Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
spoiler alert
now he wants to be hokage. evil insane emo boy with no heart and can't do a thing with out his sharingan made a girl cry more than once that actully loved him abanded most if not all his teamates vs. an awsome person who has a heart tried to protect the village that once hated him and defeted Pien with out the kubbi intill they killed Hinata but that a natural thing to do, who do think will when
InfiniteSerenityx3 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You are my angle! :iconclapplz:
DaikiniSan Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012  Student Artist
Finally someone who makes some damn sense! :D Of course this road to Ninja stuff is making Sasuke more desirable. (I guess) But he still sucks in my opinion. I never did like him. His actions piss me off. ._. It was always Itachi for the win for me. I enjoyed reading this and your opinion is welcome! :D
angelbattler Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2012
Finally, someone who talks sense! Now do one for Sakura
ilovepolar Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
why does everyone hate sakura
angelbattler Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
She's a bitch, annoying and utterly useless
ilovepolar Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
Well thats your opinion but she aint useless anymore. She is stronger than half of the other females on that show. People dont like her just because she isnt as strong as sasuke or naruto. And isnt really that annoying anymore. Until you can give me real facts then i dont care
angelbattler Featured By Owner May 14, 2014
I don't care if you don't care.  Naruto is dead to me, and has been going nowhere for years now.  I don't hate her because she isn't strong, she IS that annoying, and just unlikable. And she's only stronger than most of the girls is because Kishimoto doesn't care about the other girls.  In in interview, the dude literally forgot who TenTen was.  You can like this all you want, Kishimoto doesn't give a crap about the fans or his own story.
Feeling-Kitsune Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011
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